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Silencing the Voices

   One Woman's Triumph over

         Multiple Personality Disorder

   by Jean Darby Cline

   Foreword by Jack M. Reiter, M.D., P.S.

   Originally published by Berkley Publishing Group (1997)

   Now available in eBook form

   Available on Amazon's Kindle

   ISBN 978-0-9839733-4-8

Silencing the Voices: One Woman's Triumph over Multiple Personality Disorder is Jean Darby Cline's personal account, providing an insider's view of living with and healing from multiple personality disorder. The foreword is written by Dr. Jack M. Reiter, a Seattle psychiatrist, who worked with Jean from discovery through recovery.

"The public view of MPD is so bizarre that most people simply can't relate to the lives of those in recovery. Most of us with MPD live relatively normal lives--working, raising kids, going to church. Silencing the Voices gives you a chance not only to see what it's like to live with MPD, but also see what it is like to go through the recovery process. Those in recovery will understand that reintegration, the ultimate goal of being well and whole, is to be welcomed, not feared." -Jean Darby Cline

The Book

This true life story is unique for many reasons. It shows that MPD is a defense mechanism utilized in post-traumatic stress syndrome, a condition that can be resolved. The story takes you through all the stages of denial and conflict, understanding, acceptance and total reintegration, through a healing process based on faith, trust, and love.

What if someone who had recovered from multiple personality disorder also happened to be a "masterful story teller?" You will get drawn in so thoroughly, you can feel what it's like to live as a multiple!

There's a Synopsis of the start of Jean's journey to wholeness.

Watch Jean's Presentation on MPD / DID

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Don and Jean Cline at the Writers Conference

Pictured are Don and Jean Darby Cline
at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference, July, 1997.

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