Margaret Gering

"Yes, I was angry. You didn't warn me! I had to come to work without any sleep.

"I've been in the loop for years as you started writing various chapters and read some of the drafts. When you gave me the whole thing pulled together as a book, I expected to skim through it, after all I'd heard about and read. But that's not what happened!

"I couldn't put the book down; I stayed up all night--totally hooked, immersed, engrossed by the story you were telling. I felt 'pulled' through the book, turning each page to see how you were going to describe a particular incident, then reading on to see what you were going to share next. You have the ability to make me feel like I am 'right there' with you, even though I thought I already 'knew' about your life. Your story telling talents are awesome.

"But I had to work today without any sleep. Congratulations!"

Margaret Gering, a former high school math teacher, is a Seattle-area business woman who specializes in business administration and computing security design.

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