Peggy King Anderson

"This is an incredibly powerful story; I was captivated all the way through. And it's not just that the whole experience of multiple personalities as you (Jean) experienced it is intriguing; it's also the fact that you are a masterful storyteller. When we're on scene with you, whether it's in the office with Jack, with Hank and the kids, with Shadowman -- we become you, seeing, feeling what you feel."

"I have no doubt that this story will be an immense help and affirmation to all who have experienced abuse, whether or not they actually experienced multiple personalities. In addition, it's the kind of inside information that's valuable for everyone...the emotional truth shines through."

Ms. Anderson is the author of several books, including Safe at Home!, Coming Home, First Day Blues, and the exciting story of the Hungarian revolution, The Fall of the Red Star, and hundreds of magazine articles. She also teaches creative writing and journalism.

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