Stewart Stern

"This deeply personal book cries out with the pure ring of authentic experience, with all its raggedness, courage and pain, and bears testimony to others who preserved their precious selves and sanity by dividing as many times as they had to. Ms. Cline's voice becomes a doorway to all suffering children who must stay silent."

"There are scenes that are absolutely captivating, like the confrontation of [Jean's] mother by her four daughters, which is a study in family dynamics done entirely in social interchange. And, of course, what makes Silencing the Voices so fascinating is that it's true."

Stewart Stern, renowned screen writer and author, wrote the acclaimed screenplay Rebel without a Cause, which starred James Dean. He wrote No Tricks in My Pocket, his account of Paul Newman's film production of The Glass Menagerie. He received several Academy Award nominations for works such as Rachel, Rachel, and other awards for many of his other works like The Ugly American, A Christmas to Remember, The Rack, The Last Movie, The Outsider, The James Dean Story, Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams, and an Emmy for Sybil.

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